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Termomeccanica Pagnotta was founded in 1960 in Deruta (Italy), one of the most well-known town where artistic ceramic is produced. The company has been producing since then kilns for high and very high temperatures.

We are specialised in ceramic (sanitaryware, dishes, bricks, baked clay, artistic pottery, porcelain, technical ceramic) even if in the last few years we started to include in our activity many industrial sectors (thermal treatment of metals) we also produce ovens on request according to specific needs.

The company is located on an area of 12000 m2, of which 2800 m2 are covered. There is also a sector where we can produce refractory materials used as special pieces to build our kilns.

Our products are characterized by Quality and high reliability thanks to up-to-date technologies, and thanks to the use of the best materials and the most modern techniques.

At the beginning of the ’80 we were among the first to start to apply electronical programmation to permit our furnaces to function, always keeping in mind the latest safety laws and easiest way to use it.

Our technicians have many years of experience so they now have the know-how on all the different types of baking procedures and specific needs of functioning and regulations.

Termomeccanica Pagnotta has more than 46 years of experience and has sold more than 5000 kilns in the world. We are of reference point for high temperatures baking.

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